Sharky’s Machine

Removals in Huddersfield

Sharky’s Machine is used for Removals in Huddersfield. The removals van is a 1998 Mk 5 Ford Transit long wheelbase van fitted with an alloy bodies GRP luton body. Orange Camel Removals has owned this van since 2000 and have covered a staggering 250,000 miles in her so far. She has just had an extensive professional bodyshop restoration and full respray with new distinctive Orange Camel logos. Extras fitted include front styling bar, LED side repeaters, reflective rear and personalised number plate H8 UMP.

The rear body is made from lighweight GRP with aluminium frame and has been fitted out with aluminium tie rails. Each rail is anchored by four oversized rivets to ensure confident securing of loads and heavy single items. The floor is fitted with hard wearing phenolic flooring with kickerboards all round. The anchor points were tailored to our specific requirements to ensure all removals arrive safely.

Little Mule

Little mule is a 2003 VW LT35 hi-cube long wheelbase panel van. Orange Camel Removals have owned her since 2008 where she had a full respray and Orange Camel logos applied. She sports a generous 4m internal load length and huge1.5 tonn payload capacity with double back doors and side loading door controlled by central locking. Her extras include stainless steel wheel covers, electric windows, tinted glass, electric mirrors and reflective rear ”Safe-T bar” step.

As a company Orange Camel are aware of the impact that vehicles have on the envoirenment and we try to be as green as possible. By trying to evaluate our jobs before we arrive we can hopefully reduce the need for both vans or simply take our smaller van, Little Mule is a modern efficient van returning over 30mpg and is LEZ complient.

As you can see from the photograph Little mule is fitted out specifically for removals. This is unique due to the difficulties encountered when fitting tie rails to panel vans. She is fully lined to protect the exterior van walls and has contoured hard wood verticals holding soft face aluminium tie rails. There are also six floor anchor points.Non slip phenolic flooring is also fitted.

Both our vans carry a stock of soft transit blankets and nylon ties (replaced annually) and carry a substantal quality tool kit. Also each van carries carpet, mattress and sofa protectors along with parcel tape. We believe in safety first so in each van we have hands free mobile capabilities, sat nav units and first aid kits.